Buy Funny T-Shirts, or Die.

Just kidding. There’s no pressure to buy funny tees, it’s just that we’re all punch-drunk giddy around here about our newest partnership. Yes, we’re proud to announce the Grand Opening of our new Funny Or Die shop on CafePress.The Landlord t-shirt

The Funny Or Die website (in case you don’t know – having some shred of good taste and can’t be bothered with sophomoric humor) was founded by Will Ferrell and his pals. The “concept” is that people submit funny videos, and users vote on whether they live or die.

As well as videos submitted by wanna-be-discovered comic directors like you and me, you’ll find videos from humor heavyweights (like Will, Judd Apatow and James Franco), plus ones starring A-list actors (from Ben Stiller and Zach Galifianakis to Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton).

At the Funny Or Die shop there’s gear celebrating some of the immortal videos, like The Landlord (starring Will and his buddy Adam McKay’s 2-year old daughter, Pearl). Also score stuff from classic videos like Bat Fight and the Green Team.

I dare you to watch these videos and not laugh.

You can also make your own Funny or Die designs, if you fancy yourself a comedic genius (or heck, just a good designer). I can think of a whole series of shirts just for Between Two Ferns alone.

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