Wherever I Lay My Wedding Dress is My Home

wedding dress framed printWhile Rahm Emanuel may be a rolling stone – skipping back-and-forth between D.C. and Chi-town – the Chicago Board of Elections has ruled that the Windy City is indeed his official home. Hence Mr. Emanuel can run in February’s election to succeed Mayor Daley.

After a three-day hearing hashing-over such pertinent details as the fact that he keeps his wife’s wedding dress in Chicago, the board dismissed all residency challenges to President Obama’s former Chief of Staff – and will allow Emanuel’s name on the ballot. Whether you’re a fan of Emanuel or Vera Wang (no, she’s not running, but her wedding dresses are on the runway), the decision does add some spice to the upcoming election.

It also makes me think twice about where I store the cummerbund from my wedding. Who knows when a condo board or flag football team is going to demand residency before I’m voted in?

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  1. Rahm Emanuel’s name on the BALLET? We at kazuriSana are not sure if he does Ballet, or if a requirement for Mayor of the Windy City is that one must DANCE at the stage… but his name will be in the BALLOT in Chi-Town and we have a good design here: http://www.cafepress.com/kazuriSana/7262270

    Ballot, Ballet, or running, the wind in the windy city is winding around Rahm.

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