Avast! Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us. (ARRR)

Arrrrr! Today be international talk like a sea dog tide, ya scurvy dog whut deserves the black spot!

Of course, any self-respectin’ sea dog wears official Talk Like a pirate T-shirts on their days off, though we suspect that Captain Jack Sparrow might wear a variety o’ funny t-shirts underneath that frock of his…

Gi’en that International Talk Like a Shipmate Tide has had the’r official shirts at CafePress fer voyages now, we be perhaps nay so surprised – but very amused – t’ take a Customer Service call on Septembree 19th a wee voyages aft wherein our customer talked like a swashbuckler through th’ entire call.

Due t’ Captain Legal Beagle, we won`t be postin’ th’ actual audio o’ that call. Instead, we`ve done a dramatic, word-fer-word re-enactment o’ spake call.

So aye: this call really did happen. This be basically a word-fer-word excerpt. So reckon: if ye find yersef makin’ a phone order today, dasn’t forget t’ talk like a swashbuckler!

Pirate Customer Service call

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  1. Ahoy! That phone call re-enactment is hilarious! The service representative was not playing along though. She be walking the plank that one, the party-poop deckin’ wench! Arrrr!

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