Shopkeeper Spotlight: Tim Phelps

Tim PhelpsCool Designs for the Nature Lover in You

Take it from Tim Phelps. His artwork­ – which is medical and scientific in nature – on his CafePress shop showcases his vibrant and anatomical designs. Phelps is an award-winning medical illustrator (think anatomy) who teaches at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore with a hot hobby for miniature die-cast car flame painting for more than 15 years. Whew, that’s a mouthful. But Phelps’s designs say it all.

“I’m combining my love of nature with a great love for hot rods and flame painting, resulting in everything from hot rod moths and bugs to flame-painted sea life including fish, turtles and jellyfish.”Hot rod ladybug iPhone case

One reason Phelps loves CafePress? The variety of products on which he can feature his designs. And next on the design agenda – variations on hot rod 1932 Fords.

He’s made some designs for his family too – notably this flaming ladybug design for his daughter. He describes it as a “lava-licked ladybug.” The lava looks cool, no pun intended. His shop features many variations of beautiful, flaming moths – some which have cooler flames and others that, ahem, sizzzzle. Check them out!


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