American Idol Clears its Throat

American Idol t-shirtAs the hit-makers from American Idol fine-tune their sets & frets for the historic 10th season (premiering Wednesday, January 19), the viewing public is on the edge of its collective seat. Everyone wants to know if the chemistry is there … and if the new format is going to rock our world.

In case you haven’t been following the bouncing ball, judges Simon, Paula and Kara left to chase their dreams (or something). Only to be replaced by Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith fame) and J-Lo (of Jennifer Lopez fame). There’s also a new band leader, which could come into play when those notes just ain’t gettin’ hit? Also, early-round contestants have to sing cover songs — so no more overnight sensations like “Pants On The Ground.” But then again, William Hung was singing “She Bangs” when he made American Idol fame/infamy, so maybe we’ll all be huddled around YouTube on Thursday mornings anyway?

Plus, reportedly there’s a new format. Rumor has it they’ll be going to a sudden-death Top 20 round (instead of a 3-week Top 24), which will then whittle the finalists down to 12 or 10. There’s also no gender parity, which means the finalists could feature more girls or more guys instead of 50-50.

I’m ready, so WOW me. Strike up the band (although the a capella stuff is more entertaining, honestly).

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