Case of the Mondays: Rahm Rejected, Official Super Bowl Teams

football t-shirtHere’s your mash up of interesting things that happened over the last few days. Did you have a good weekend?

An Illinois Appellate Court ruled that Rahm Emanuel cannot run for mayor of Chicago due to residency issues. All candidates need to have lived in Illinois for a minimum of one year, whereas Emanuel and his family moved to Washington during his tenure as White House Chief-of-Staff. Sure, he may be miffed. Emanuel will appeal this decision, most likely moving to the Supreme Court, to have his name on the February 22 ballot. Will his name make its way back onto the ballot one way or another (printed or scribbled in)?

All of you football fans and commercial lovers out there know its official: the Super Bowl is going to be a fiery fight of braun and …packing. Yes, that’s right. The Pittsburg Steelers vs. The Green Bay Packers come February 6th in Dallas. Cheese will be involved. So will some Black Eyed Peas. Which team will you root for, and more importantly, which commercials are you looking forward to? All I know is I’m going to be going out for a snack if I see one delicious Doritos commercial like last year.

The U.S. Postal Service plans on closing thousands of offices starting in March in plans to reduce costs, relatable to a multi-billion dollar loss in the 2010 fiscal year. For small towns and rural areas, post offices are a link to the rest of the world, in a sense – and those rural post offices up for review may be in danger of closing.

What do you think about the way of the online world? Do you think we’ve lost a sense of written communication? Or do you think smart phones, the Internet and technology is better for all?

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