The Super Bowl to End All Super Bowls?

green bay packers t-shirtpittsburg steelers t-shirt

With the Collective Bargaining Agreement (known affectionately by NFL billionaire owners & multi-millionaire players as the “CBA”) hanging in the air like a last-minute, desperation Hail Mary pass, the February 6th Super Bowl may be the last professional football game for quite some time (gulp).

Ah, but what a game it promises to be! With two “old school,” defense-minded teams matching up (both who play in outdoor stadiums in cold-weather regions on real grass), it should be a real donnybrook. I can’t wait to see the Packers and Steelers (even their names sound tough – unlike the “Saints” and “Cardinals” and all these fair-weather teams who play indoors).

But alas, unless there’s a CBA reached soon, the owners are threatening to lock the players out and cancel next year’s season. So let’s enjoy the moment. Then focus on baseball, because they haven’t gone on strike for 10 years or so. Yea for sports, eh?

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