Happy Birthday to You (in G minor)

Mozart tote bagHappy 255th to Mozart. Yes, you still rock me Amadeus. Which is sort of odd, since Wolfgang hasn’t had a chartbusting #1-with-a-bullet Top-40 hit in more than two centuries (and no gangster rap music videos to speak of). But I still love the man and his music.

In fact Mozart is now on my heavy rotation list – along with more “current” composers like Lil’ Wayne (it’s hard to believe those two have ever been on the same planet, let alone the same iPod). It’s just that there’s always a time and a place for some good chamber music, and Mozart was the best-of-the-best. Which is why Beethoven, Chopin and other great composers were among his groupies. I think Beethoven even opened for Mozart once at London’s Hammersmith Apollo? Can’t remember if it was him or The Clash? Maybe it was a triple bill?

Anyway, as classical music fans know, Mozart was born in Salzburg on this day in 1756 and quickly became a musical child prodigy. He wowed the Austrian court and European royalty while touring from Vienna to Paris and everywhere in-between. With a greatest hits list from symphonies and choral music to operas, Mozart set the stage for classical music.

Consider this post a requiem for the man and his masterpiece, Requiem. Happy birthday, Wolfie. You take the cake.

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