Introducing the CafePress Widget!

When it comes to CafePress, we love riding the latest tech wave to help our shopkeepers and give our fans something to like. And so it goes, with our newest web-worthy offering: our CafePress widget!

The CafePress widget is a unique tool and gives you an interactive experience with the millions of diverse designs on CafePress.

You can create your own with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Shopkeepers and affiliates can use the widget to promote your products and your shop, and it’s a great marketing tool to share your designs with friends, supporters, and the world-wide-web (affiliates, all you have to do is enter your CJ PID and all sales are credited to you, just like the usual). Type in your shop ID, and you can randomly select various products to feature, and anyone who clicks your widget will be directed to your shop.

For our amazing fans out there, from Edward Cullen fanatics to yoga enthusiasts, simply type in your favorite tag (like, Edward Cullen, or yoga), and products will pop up, just like that. Choose the perfect size and color widget, and create your code. Then you can utilize the widget on your own shop, webpage or your blog by cutting and pasting the created code.

I have a freakish love for giraffes, so after cooing over all of the cute giraffe t-shirts on CafePress, I went ahead and made a giraffe widget. I typed in “giraffes” into the tag field, and after some snazzalicious styling, this is what I got!

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

You can scroll back and forth to see more of your favorite gifts using the arrows at the bottom. For me this means more squeals of delight with every click of the arrow. Try out your very own CafePress widget and keep us posted on the results!

  1. I cannot get this Widget to work at all on Typepad. It will not embed in posts like Amazon or WidgetBox or videos. I also tried the Typepad sidebar and I get a nice box with no content. Please fix! Thank you!

  2. I love this but for some reason its not working for me. There are no products showing up in the preview or the widget when I place it on my blog. I’d love some input. :)

  3. Is there a way to target a specific design on the widget, as a shopkeeper? It seems to have just chosen an arbitrary design to put up for my shop.

  4. Hi Jo,

    Depending on what the currency settings are in your store, the widget should also show the currency that’s in your shop. I hope that helps, and let me know if you have any other questions!


  5. Great idea! But I am having a problem with it. When I click on an item, the page enlarges within the 200×300 widget so you can’t see it and it doesn’t open to another full page to the shop unless I right click, and sometime I get error message on that new page.

    Please help.

  6. Thanks, would really like to use this but… PLEASE update this widget so shopkeeprs can set the order of products or at least randomize the products it shows. The widget seems to just display products in the order they were added to our store. It shows products from the first section in our store, so it appears there are only shirts available, all with the same design. Ideally the widget would show a wide selection of the different items available in a store.

  7. I cannot get the Cafepress widget to work. It just shows a blank window. Also, the widget you have as the example in this blog is blank too.

    Has your Widget code stopped working?

    Does anyone from Cafepress reply to comments on this blog?

  8. Still can’t set which products the widget starts with? Even if the products rotated randomly it would be better, mine shows a couple of obscure products instead of the standard t-shirts my visitors are most likely to want.

  9. Same issue as the rest above, just an empty box…. seems its been this way for months judging by the posts above…should i just give up on adding the blogger widget? And hope at least one of gets a reply from cafepress as the lack of support is a bit off-putting.

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