Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs to Benefit Children in Need

Grey's Anatomy scrubsAre you a Grey’s Anatomy fan? You have to give them credit – those nurses and doctors look pretty good walking around in those OR scrubs and saving lives all in a day’s work. Well, whether actor, nurse, doctor or fan, we’re paging you over the loudspeakers – letting you know you can now have your own official Grey’s scrubs!

In collaboration with ABC and Barco Uniforms, CafePress has opened the official Grey’s Anatomy flagship store, where you’ll find the complete collection of scrubs in a variety of colors and complimentary styles.

The even better part – with every $25 purchase of these very cool scrubs, $1 is donated to Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, which aids children in need of medical care, as well as supports and honors the spirit and contributions of nurses across the U.S. and beyond. Tonight’s episode will also include an on-air mention of Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, with a PSA from McSteamy himself (Eric Dane) spreading the good word about the Foundation.

I don’t know what could be cooler than showing off your fan pride and benefitting kids and nurses at the same time. For next week’s episode, don those scrubs and see what Meredith, McDreamy, and Seattle Grace are up against next week. Stat.

  1. Any chance of scrub tops and bottoms becoming regular selections for Cafepress?

    I realize that styles like those shown in the sample photo are solution-dyed on the broadcloth before cutting and sewing, but it would be nice to be able to imprint the customary front and back areas normal to a Cafepress selection onto a solid-color scrub — wouldn’t it?

    You guys opened this can of worms, not me….

  2. Hi, Like Mr Turner, I would like to see scrub tops as a regular feature here on cafe press.
    I understand personalized photo ones would be very difficult to do but pre-printed themes would be wonderful!
    I am a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse and my hospital has recently changed our uniform. The tops are uncomfortable ill-fitting, ugly and small. It would be wonderful to organize scrub tops for the whole unit with one of your Neonatal Nurse themes on it.
    Please, please, please give this some considerable thought????
    Your sincerely, Leanne

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