Three Days Off to See I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four t-shirtWith an extended weekend for President’s Day on the horizon, that means some extras all around. Another day of sleeping in, hanging out with friends, seeing a movie and my personal favorite, going out to eat. (Thanks for being born, Abe. You too George.)

Speaking of movies. Tomorrow marks the premiere of I Am Number Four, part action/adventure flick, part teen romance, and all parts gorgeous new young stars in the form of Alex Pettyfer and Glee’s Dianna Agron. I Am Number Four follows John, a teen with extraordinary powers, who is on the run from evil forces who are out to kill all nine like him. One, two and three are toast. Which means, John is…yup. Next on the hit list. Crud.

So what are these evil forces coming for Number Four, and why? Well, go have a watch, and let us know what you think. Whatever you think of the movie, at least we can put his pretty face on a t-shirt.

  1. Number Four, that sounds spooky doesn’t it? It reminds me of “The Dead Pool” with one of my neighbors, Mr. Eastwood. Good idea to stay up with the latest stuff, and not get stuck in 1985. Everything that people think is Retro I just think is a part of life. Three days off, that sounds good. I don’t get time off because I work in retail – the bullseye to be exact. They don’t do Number Four at the bullseye.

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