Bieber Fever Gets a Snip Here, Snip There.

barber t-shirtAs most pre-teen girls know by now, heartthrob Justin Bieber has unveiled a brand-spanking-new hairstyle. By all accounts, the Twilight crowd is on the fence so far on whether the haircut is destined to be an icon or an eye-sore. But in terms of making headlines, the teen singer’s new ’do is right up there with the such trend-setting coiffured luminaries as Jennifer Aniston, Princess Diana & Tom Brady (who took a few cheap shots recently for his haircut that was so Justin Bieber).

Looking for a more mature look, Justin has gone to a shorter & spikier cut, with the hair out of his eyes. And (OMG!), rumor has it he’s auctioning off his fallen locks to raise money for charity. Also, if you’re keeping score at home, note that more than just a pretty face, Justin Bieber is a pretty good athlete. During the recent NBA basketball All-Star Game festivities, he was voted the MVP in the celebrity basketball game (although I didn’t see the game, so if he was covered by Selena Gomez then I take that back).

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  1. Bieber fever is neat! It reminds me of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s – when showbiz was larger than life. Lady Gaga is larger than life, but it feels forced, like people knew they needed a superstar, (not that she doesn’t deserve it.) But Bieber fever is the real “Beatles” thing. I love the surrealism. I think I’ll go watch some Rob Zombie videos now (or perhaps The Song Remains the Same.)

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