The Presidential Debates / The Great Debate

John McCain stunned the nation yesterday when he requested that Obama agree to postpone the Presidential debates in order to work on the economic crisis.

Critics of McCain were quick to claim that the Senator is using the economic crisis as an excuse to avoid being on-camera with Obama.  Whether McCain feels ill-prepared to debate Obama, is trying to prevent a Kennedy/Nixon repeat or simply wants to focus his full attention on the American economy is up for… well, debate.

But for those of you who were waiting impatiently for the Presidential debates, you’re in luck: we have our own version of The Great Debate for you.  It’s only 2 minutes long, but hey – it’s better than no debates at all, right?

The Great Debate from CafePress on Vimeo.

So for everyone out there who wants to have their own debate over the issues, just remember: an image is worth 1000 words.  (Liberals here may insert a “Just ask John McCain.”)

Big thanks to the Ditty Bops for use of their song – check out their site for more throwback music that will summon memories of an era when the thought of a televised Presidential debate was mere fantasy.

(Will history repeat itself?)

Very official song credit:

“Skinny Bones”
Performed by The Ditty Bops
Written by Abby DeWald & Amanda Barrett
Published by Ditty Bops Music, (ASCAP)
Courtesy of The Green Witch Society

buzzcowboy note:

In the time since this post has been up, the Right Wing has added their voice to the Debate debate.  Most designs are however still pro-Obama on the issue, so if you have a strong pro-McCain or anti-Obama position on the Presidential Debates Debate do remember that your image is a great way to get your voice out there.  Here’s some newer designs:

  1. How about you leave the partisan spin to the shopkeepers and just print T-shirts? Or are you truly hoping to drive away half your (our) customers before they get past the front page?

  2. Hey Ronnie,

    I’m not sure what part of this post you’re referencing, but the video is certainly bi-partisan and the designs chosen are representative of a “mccain debate” search.

    I looked for a different slant on “mccain debate,” but didn’t find one. If you have a different take on McCain’s debate decision, please do make a design and shoot the link along.


  3. The video is great. The post is ridiculously one-sided.

    How about “Barack Obama stunned the nation when he declared that he’d rather win an election than fix the economy?”

    How about “Critics and people who don’t think things through are suggesting that John McCain is chicken when it comes to debating Barack Obama on foreign policy (the subject of the first debate).?”

    How about “Conservatives here may insert a ‘Will uh Barack uh have a teleprompter?'”

    There’s no “different slant” on the debate decision because for everyone but Obama fans, people expect their Senators to show up at work when there’s a crisis.

  4. Hey Ronnie –

    This blog generally showcases how the user-generated merchandise is a part of larger conversation. The conversation from this end isn’t slanted toward the message you’re proposing (as evidenced by the products, which as mentioned are not created by us – they’re created by y’all).

    Again: if you have a different opinion, please do make merchandise around it and add your voice to the public discourse.


  5. McCain wanted to have 10 townhall style debates this summer… but Obama’s been ducking him all summer long… now McCain wants to be in DC while they try to save the country from a genuine economic crisis and suddenly Obama can’t wait 2 or 3 days to debate. Obama is the one who had to take off 3 days to cram for the debate. McCain may not be perfect but he’s doing what’s best for the country… and to that end be sure to visit

  6. Thanks, Ronnie, for speaking up for the rest of us. Bad enough that we have to put up with the liberal media, without having to endure CafePress’s slanted choice of promotions. The twisted definition of “debate” is totally unnecessary and offensive. How about representing both sides of the debate in sample designs! Talk about turning off half of the shoppers! CafePress, you can do better than this!

  7. This is like being back in the 60/s, 70’s and 80’s just different names and faces same old lies and mud slinging.

    gee wouldn’t it be nice if we all just got along? but it is nice to have a choice but is there really a choice about who will run our country?

  8. hey bill clinton even said Mc Cain is not afaraid of the debates, he actually wanted more of them. He invited Obamma to ten town hall meeting debates, and obamma refused.
    Just what will obamma do if his moniter fails, again?

  9. We are in an economic turmoil and I think it’s honorable of McCain to man up (unlike ObamaNOExperience) to try to fix this mess. This blog shows it’s definitely one-sided and it definitely shows it’s for the inexperienced — literally and figuratively.

  10. I am very surprised by the liberal push by; not a very smart business practice. Who is buzzcowboy and why can’t I post what I think about the most inexperienced & fake presidential candidate loserbama on the main cafepress page! I mean hell, at least I’d get some traffic to my shop.

  11. Awesome t-shirt–McChicken/Bawk Bawk! Very clever and timely too.

    I would much rather have a President who wants to use good judgment before making crucial decisions where foreign policy and the economy are concerned, opposed to one who merely relies on experience (whether the experience was favorable or not) and touts it as more important than using good sense. McCain clearly rested on his laurels tonight–that’s not what I want in the next President of the United States.

  12. Do you really think McCain needed to drop everything and run back to Washington to ‘save’ the country? I’m sure decisions are expected to be made in the absence of the two senators who are on campaign for President.

    Anyway, he had a whole week to save us and still get to the debate by Friday.

    He acted like a grumpy old man, not the positive, change making President we need in office for the next 4-8 years!

  13. McCain is like the grandpa you ignore at the family picnic. He can’t hear, he can’t speak and he has no clue what is going on around him. McCain & Palin have no education or experience. VOTESMART.ORG people

  14. Obama has no experience other than writing books about himself, running for president and community rabble-rousing. At least the Republicans put up a more middle-leaning candidate. The Dems put up the most far left candidate ever…why should we all have to put up with that? Obama is the most pro-abortion senator, supporting partial-birth abortion and infanticide. Obama’s Marxist, socialist leanings will have us all waiting in bread lines as they did in the old Soviet Union. His proposed drastic cuts in defense spending will leave us open to attacks. By the way, it’s no accident that we haven’t been attacked since 9/11…thank you President Bush! As for socialized medicine, ask someone in Canada or England what they think about that…you could die waiting for treatment! Keep your change, Barry…I’m voting for McCain!

  15. This is by far the funniest anti-democrat tshirt design on cafepress. Who doesn’t want to wear a thong with “smack that ass” on the back with a picture of an elephant giving it to a jackass!!!

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