13 is the Lucky Number

American Idol tote bagAmerican Idolers, there’s a lot to talk about here. Two new judges, season 10, and one question on everyone’s minds. Charlie Sheen said it best recently (and everywhere he possibly could): WINNING!

Running with that theme, American Idol’s got some real winners this season. 13 right now, in fact. And in this case we’re not considering 13 an unlucky number.

Auditions and outtakes are over (looking like a FOOL with ya pants on tha ground), and with all of the new changes on Idol this season, it makes one think back to the days of yore. Do you miss Paula’s crazy? Or Simon “I-Like-Being-Mean-For-a-Living-and-Get-Paid-For-It” Cowell? My answer is yes, although I enjoy the fact that Simon and Susan Boyle are now besties (Sue-Bo 2012 world domination.). If you’ve been watching, tell us what you think about J-Lo and Steven Tyler as judges. Great replacements or seat-fillers for judges past? Too many name hyphenations? You decide, dawg.

If Kelly, Carrie, David Cook and past winners are watching this season, maybe they should stay on their toes? The top 13 finalists may be coming for ya. Stay tuned to the tube.

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