Shopkeepers Show Support for Quake Victims with Japan Relief Effort Designs

Japan relief t-shirt

CafePress's $15 limited edition Japan relief T-Shirt

UPDATE: CafePress has created a $15 limited edition Japan relief effort t-shirt, with $10 from each t-shirt sale going to aid in earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. And the efforts from our shopkeepers continues to rise with countless shops donating 50%, 65% and 100% of their proceeds to the relief effort. A huge thanks to everyone involved in this!

In the wake of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that swept through northern Japan early this morning, and the devastation of cities, land and headcount of people missing – its possible we’re witnessing one of the most damaging natural disasters in the last 100 years. Hawaii and the west coast of the United States have even been issued warnings of dangerous waves from the ripple effect of the tsunami thousands of miles away.

With the overwhelming level of impact and destruction affecting so many lives, CafePress shopkeepers have already started creating art, featuring messages of hope and support.  Within a few hours of the earthquake, our community took to their creativity creating Japan relief designs.

Starting today, CafePress is pledging to donate 10% of the final purchase price of all Japan relief products that Shopkeepers with the tag “japanrelief2011” to aid in relief efforts (today, March 11, through April 11, 2011).

We’re continually inspired by the support we see from our community of Shopkeepers and thank each and every one of them for their efforts to make a difference.

  1. I’m Japanese, I lived there for 11 years, my relatives and friends are there, and it is my country… I’m not a designer, but I did my best on my We Pray for Japan products. All profits will be donated to aid the victims in Japan…!

  2. Just want to tell all of those in the disaster that I am praying for them daily and I pray that everything will go better soon and they may can rebuild that part of japan or help rebuild somewhere else for the people that are without homes.

  3. I’ve created a design that I hope will inspire people to reach within themselves, to look in their hearts, to find a way to help Japan. It started as a button, but now I’ve added a t-shirt and bumper sticker.

    100% of proceeds are being donated to Mercy Corp or Red Cross. Special thanks to Chris, Debbie, Cole, Rebecca, Chelsea, Meagan, and Kristina for getting it started, I hope this design can do more than any single one of us could on our own.

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  5. A new day! The America military has begun “OPERATION TOMODACHI” an outreach operation from US to THEM. I have created a design specific to our long term friendship. All proceeds will go to help this effort!

  6. I’ve got six items in my shop featuring hands of love and remembrance for those in Japan. I think this is a good idea and have applied my tags to all six of these items.

  7. How do I “tag” my shirts? We are here in Misawa and I thought it would be a great idea to donate to the Red Cross. How can I make that happen?


  8. Already have just over $500 from sales going to the American Red Cross in the Japan Relief 2011 fund! Help support Japan and visit my shop today!

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