Wee Bit o’ Fun on St. Patrick’s Day?

Kiss Me I'm Irish t-shirtWith St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in a few hours (it’s 5 o’clock already in Ireland), it’s time to get out your crock pots and beer steins. This is one of my favorite holidays, since it revolves around eating and drinking and getting pinched by complete strangers (unless you wear a green shirt or something, of course). Regardless of whether you’re full-blooded Irish, part Irish or Irish for the Day, it’s a great time.

For those of us who didn’t major in Irish History, the holiday celebrates the life of, oddly enough, St. Patrick. (He died on March 17, 461). Fun fact #1: The original color associated with St. Patrick’s Day was blue, but it evolved to green in the 17th century. Fun Fact #2: Lore has it the St. Patrick used the shamrock (with its three leaves) to explain the “holy trinity” to the Irish people. Fun Fact #3: I’m having corned beef & Guinness tonight, while reading some Seamus Heaney poems and listening to the Irish Rovers sing The Unicorn. Aye, if it’s a nice night, I might even sit outdoors on me Paddy O’ Furniture.


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