Shopkeeper Spotlight – East Meets Gaming

ice spell t-shirtWhen Adam Diaz opened his official CafePress shop in 2008, he set his design dreams on Japan and beyond. With inspiration coming from his two idols, video game directors and designers Tetsuya Nomura and Shigeru Miyamoto, Adam designs in the style of the likes of comics, Anime and Manga to name a few.

“I eventually want to share ideas with video game companies, advertisers and comic book artists,” Adam said of his future plans.

For World of Warcraft and ritual geeks out there, Adam’s shop, iLuvDesign also features a plethora of cool elements, dragon and ninja designs, all bursting with vibrant colors and geometric shapes that will make your eyes perk up. And when Adam isn’t hard at work on his shop, you can find him designing, drawing, and video gaming.

With a background in art (who can’t live without a 0.5mm mechanical pencil), Adam now enjoys wearing clothes from his CafePress shop, and marks his proudest moment as a CafePress shopkeeper as the first time he wore a t-shirt of his own design.

Kudos to you Adam, and keep up the great work!

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