Cultural Barometer Weekly Hot List: Obama, Japan, Autism & more

Obama posterA quick glance at the CafePress hot sellers list gives us a pretty good idea of what’s on people’s minds. From designs our community is creating to the products a world of people are ordering, the CafePress Marketplace has become a Cultural Barometer of trends – here’s what we’re seeing this week…

President Barack Obama is back on the radar, as his 2012 re-election campaign officially kicked off. Pro Obama 2012 and Anti Obama 2012 are both getting action. It’s going to be a long & drawn-out battle to the White House, so fasten your seat belts. We’re also seeing some interest in a few rumored Republican competitors; enter Donald Trump?

Japan relief t-shirtThe Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami tragedy continues to ride a wave of awareness and support. These Japan relief products are particularly popular now, as CafePress is donating a portion of the proceeds from their sales to the American Red Cross through April 11 with a $15 limited edition t-shirt, $10 of which is also going towards relief efforts.

This week we also see an outpouring of support for Autism Awareness Month, where we’re giving 10% of proceeds from sales of Autism-themed products to Autism Speaks. We also were fortunate enough to have Autism awareness tote baga few of our shopkeepers share their stories and autism-related shops with us as a Voice for Autism.Snoopy Easter t-shirt

Holidays are also popular, with Earth Day gaining traction and Easter building momentum, just days from each other. Both are giving Charlie Sheen and the winning crew a run for their money.

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