CafePress Employee Picks: The Word Wizard, Darrell J

When we smell exotic & enticing food coming from one of the CafePress kitchens, it’s often Darrell warming up some left-overs. “It’s not that I love cooking so much,” says Darrell, a Senior Writer here at CafePress. “It’s that I love to eat so much … and someone has to cook it.”

He also likes to hit the gym during lunch whenever possible, which rules out getting chefs from our local restaurants to cook for him at noontime. “When I cook at night I always cook in volume, since I know I’ll need lunch left-overs for the next day-or-two. Or three.”

With the next meal on his mind, Darrell often to gravitate towards foodie themed designs from CafePress. Here are a few that have caught his eye and whet his appetite.

Darrell’s Picks:

Propane grills have their place, but my T-bone likes charcoal.

cooking t-shirt

So what if my sauce is store- bought. I still need a lot of tools.

knives t-shirt

Greens are good, and so are grins. This encourages both.

veggies t-shirt

This one never fails to earn a nod at the local wine shop.

red wine t-shirt

I can almost smell the caramelized sugar. Pass a spoon.

creme brulee t-shirt

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