Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: General Hospital and More

Hot off the press, we’re whetting your appetite with the coolest designs trending this week.

It’s pretty amazing to see how people come together to aid others in their times of need. Our community continues to support Japan relief with inspiring designs, which speaks volumes about lending a helping hand for those who cannot reach out themselves.

As Autism awareness month continues, we’ve seen and heard an outpouring of education and advocacy through true stories from some of our own shopkeepers – take a look at their unique stories and their shops, which has some amazing designs in them.

We have a soft spot for geeks-turned-mafia men. And so do a lot of CafePressers – this week the beloved kooky character of Damian Spinelli of General Hospital fame got a lot of attention. Who doesn’t love a computer hacker who talks in code and is best friends with the most powerful troublemakers in Port Charles?autism t-shirtSpinelli book

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