CafePress New Product Alert: Shot Glasses

Star Wars shot glass

Not actual size of shot glass. Although that would be cool if it were.

We like your CafePress shopping experience to be like your favorite adult beverage: no bite, with a smooth finish. And now, we may be able to help you with that when it comes to your drinks too.

Introducing one of CafePress’s newest product additions – shot glasses! You can now find a plethora of cool designs to add a little flair to your next party.

Long gone are the days of traveling on vacations collecting clear shot glasses as your trip souvenir. Although hokey can be awesome (who doesn’t love a cactus-shaped shot glass?), sipping your favorite aperitif from one that you designed yourself has an added element of satisfaction to enjoy along with your drink. Gift stores around the nation may get jealous.

And with wedding season almost here, think of the great bachelor and bachelorette parties that will benefit from personalized shot glasses. They’ll certainly get some good attention (and maybe a free drink or two?), and could make some great party favors.

Our shot glasses are made of premium ceramic and come in two different colors, all white and white with a black interior for those mystery drinks.

So take a load off this weekend and enjoy responsibly. We’ll hold you to it.

  1. Yup, they’re fully customizable. They already come in hundreds of designs, though! Have a look; they’re VERY nice.

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