Shopkeeper Spotlight – Japan Relief Takes Flight

Japan tsunami sweatshirtWhile most 9-year old boys are consumed by the latest video games and animated movies, Miles Gould has a more meaningful passion: Raising money for the 100,000+ children displaced by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

After first learning of the devastation, Miles knew in his heart-of-hearts that he had to help these kindred spirits. A whiz at origami (the ancient Japanese art of paper folding), Miles had a brilliant fundraising idea and enlisted the help of his family & teacher. He organized his friends and classmates to make colorful origami airplanes (Miles instructed them in the plane construction, of course). These artwork planes were then auctioned off – with 100% of the net proceeds going to the Japan relief effort.

The fundraiser was so successful (and heart-warming), it was spotlighted on both his local TV station and newspaper. Miles’ mother also helped set up a CafePress shop, The Big Paper Plane Tsunami Save, where people are able to purchase products featuring a specially-created design commemorating the fundraiser.

You can read about Miles’ wonderful endeavor on their Facebook page, or you can visit their shop. This shop is living proof that whether you’re big or small, you can make a huge difference in our world. Thank you Miles, from everyone at CafePress.

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