A Double Dip on Personalizing Products

We like to push the boundaries of personalization.

The figurative and literal boundaries, because after all, we’re all about printing here at CafePress.

We have some new capabilities to take personalizing products to the next level. When shopping at CafePress, take “personal” to the next level with our personalizable designs on everything from business cards to t-shirts. On select products you’ll see the option to modify the text, image or photo. The “I Heart Joey” t-shirt can now say “I Heart Danny” if Danny is who you love! Products eligible will be marked with a Personalize icon so be on the lookout. For those of us (like myself) who were not graced with the graphic design gene, this is a perfect option for choosing a great design and adding a unique element to it at the same time. The best of both worlds in one shebang!

If you’re using CafePress to shop for anything from stationery and business cards to funny t-shirts, and you come across a design you really love, but want that extra pizzazz that screams your name (without hurting your vocal chords) – add your own personal touch. Here’s something to chirp about:

Personalization T-Shirt

Personalization T-Shirt

In this example, you can add your own text, and voila! Use this tool to put on your creative cap and make imaginative and professional business cards, birth announcements for your bun in the oven, or save the dates for that special day coming up. Meanwhile, we’ll keep pushing the limits of personalized printing!

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