Employee Picks: Kelly – Manager by Day, Shopper by Night (oh, and some days too).

Kelly photoOur lovable Kelly is a true fan of the entertainment industry, including popular TV shows and movies. In fact it’s this passion which drew her to CafePress, where Kelly now works with some of the top brands in “the biz” (as they say). “It’s a fun job perk” she says, “being forced to stay current on Primetime TV!”

Kelly is also a big fan of online shopping (and hence gift giving – since she couldn’t possibly keep for herself all of the things she buys). “My cube neighbor Christy tells me I’m an excellent online shopper and gift-giver,” Kelly is proud to note. “I’m totally-excited about this being my secret talent … though it’s possible she’s just buttering me up so I’ll buy her a gift?”

When she’s not shopping online all day at CafePress (just kidding Kelly, we all know how hard you work), Kelly loves the other perks of CafePress. Like the massage chair on the 3rd floor. And, according to her, the “copious amount of cupcakes and other sugary items up for grabs in the kitchen most afternoons.”

Outside of work, Kelly loves living in San Francisco (where she’s a big Giants fan), taking photos and zipping up and down The City’s hills in her Mini Cooper. Here are a handful of CafePress products that she finds irresistible:

some e-cards magnet

Drink Order Rectangle Magnet: “Someecards KILLS me with their hilarious designs. As a daily Starbucks visitor, this could not be more appropriate. I sigh for the 50-year-old businessman ordering a grande mocha with extra whip and a sprinkle of cinnamon.”

chelsea handler water bottle

Shut Your Face Stainless Steel Water Bottle: “Chelsea Handler is the best/worst thing to watch on the treadmill (for fear of falling off while laughing too hard).
I enjoy this quote water bottle, as it reminds me to
stop complaining and keep running. Thanks Chels.”

Mini Cooper T-Shirt

Mini Cooper Car T-Shirt: “Mini Cooper drivers are crazy. We love our cars like they are children, so naturally I’d want to emblazon this on my body while I cruise around.”

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution bagThis is Not a Potato Tote Bag: “I love Jamie Oliver –cute accent, fun show, and great food. He has so many products that ring in that “funny but true” sentiment, and this my perfect farmer’s market tote.”

  1. Kelly, I am looking for a license plate holder that says:



    Can you help me find someone who can do this?

  2. Hi Kelly, i love cupcakes too :)

    These are my ítems which are perfect for Valentine’s Day

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