McCain v. Obama: Round 1

The first of the three Presidential Debates took place on Friday as scheduled, with various news sources and bloggers disagreeing on which candidate won the night, though polling numbers post-debate have shown a slight Obama increase.

While the winner, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder, we did learn a few interesting facts throughout the night that went beyond the candidates’ Iraq strategies and fundamental economic policy differences:

  • South Koreans are taller than North Koreans.
  • Barack Obama has a bracelet, too.
  • John McCain is not Ms. Congeniality.
  • The aisle is very wide if you’re trying to reach (so please pass the pork barrels).

  • Other buzzwords from the election: orgy of spending, pork barrel politics, earmarks, Main Street vs. Wall Street.

    The next debates on the docket are the Vice Presidential debates in Missouri on October 2nd.  The second Presidential debates follow soon after, and if you have something on your mind you can submit a question to the candidates via MySpace.

    Google’s also created a Moderator application to help you voice your questions, and – as seen in our own Presidential Debate video – there’s always the print area of the almighty t-shirt to help you wear your voice loud and clear.

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