Hats Off to Your Matriarch.

mom t-shirtMoms make the world go ‘round, it’s true. And although us kids don’t come with a set of instructions, moms make their job look darn easy. And all moms out there know we don’t like to make things easy on you.

Every mom is completely unique. She is different than every other mom in every way, and for me, Mother’s Day is about celebrating that uniqueness. And with this Sunday being Mother’s Day, it’s a day to show her your gratitude to your maker.

Although gifts aren’t necessary, showing Mom you appreciate her is a nice gesture. Flowers or balloons could translate in mother language to, “My daughter started thinking about this yesterday.” Alas, it may be too late to order for this year, BUT if you didn’t, here are some ideas to ponder for next year about mom gifts:

Use photos to your benefit. Mom loves her kids and her family, and if you create something for her that has photos of her family in it, she’ll love it. Take a photo (old or new), enlarge and put on a canvas for all of those visitors to the house to see. Mom will have no problem showing off her gorgeous family.

Personalize for that person. Even the most average gift can be made into something spectacular if you add her name, a heartfelt message or something important to her. A mug she’d drink coffee out of every morning is great, but a mug with her family and a message on it skyrockets the mug’s awesomeness factor.

Think about her other loves. If your mom is crazy in love with a hobby, interest or passion, start there. My mom has a crazy obsession with Snoopy, so much so that I know even if I got her a Snoopy toilet brush for Mother’s Day she’d probably flip in joy. (I wonder if they make those…)

Enjoy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there!

  1. I visited your site for the first time to find some nice gifts for my co-workers. I am a hospice cna and I would love to know why there are many nice things for rn, and lpns …but the cna/med techs are not even appearing on anything. we do a lot of hard work…the jobs that everyone else avoid. I suppose I will have to keep searching to find someone who things we are important…..

  2. @Angela, the Hospice CNA… I read your post and created a site dedicated to CNA’s. The image is a simple Caduceus with the words Certified Nursing Assistant, all in black. I’ve put it on a large selection of the products on here and hope you like it. Sorry it’s not fancier, but keep checking back as I will work on some more stylish designs for you and all CNA’s. If there is anything else you may be looking for please message me and i will happy to create something to suit your needs. My “main” site on here is:
    http://www.cafepress.com/monkeydesigns4u but I have lots of others all geared toward specific themes. My husband is an EMT and firefighter so i have a lot of products geared toward that, and a little bit of everything else.
    Please dont let one visit here discourage you from checking back as new stuff is added every minute. :) Here’s the link for the CNA’s:


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