Employee Picks: Tee Time for Joey

Joey Grooms

When our pal Joey isn’t working the phones to drive up sales, he’s at the driving range working on his golf game. Particularly his long game, as he seems to be fairly confident about his short game (see design choice below).

In fact, Joey is such a golf nut he tries to recruit fellow CafePressers to join him for a quick 9 holes in the morning before work, at a course near the office. Since few of us are early risers, he hasn’t had much luck filling-out his foursome. But if we would join Joey on the course, chances are he would be wearing one of his favorite T-shirt from his favorites below:

big putts t-shirtI Like Big Putts T-Shirt: When the pressure is on, my putting game is on. Sometimes.

Hate/love golf t-shirtI Hate/Love Golf T-Shirt: Uhhh … I think this one explains itself …(see the golf t-shirt version here)
Tiger Blood T-ShirtTiger Blood T-Shirt: It’s not old (yet).

Sunday Funday T-ShirtSunday Funday T-Shirt: Sundaywear – it’s where the heart is for football fans.

Funny T-Shirt
I Never Finish Anythi T-Shirt: This is a really funny shir

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