Shopkeeper Spotlight: English Bloke + American Gal = A World of Fun

clowns t-shirtElias Skourletos and Beth Ponticello may be separated by an ocean (the Atlantic), but their minds are one. Together they’re the dynamic duo that makes up the popular CafePress shop, E2 T-shirts.

With Elias (the “idea man”) living in London and Beth (the “design queen”) hailing from Florida, you would think it would be a challenge running a successful business together. Not so. Not with CafePress anyway (not to mention Skype, webcams and other high-tech touches). Although they’ve met only once in person – when Beth flew across the pond recently – they’re constantly online bouncing ideas off each other for the next great T-shirt design.TshirtsByE2

Drawing inspiration from the news, current affairs, TV shows and simply walking the busy streets of London and Florida, the pair find more than enough topics for brilliant T-shirts (today they have more than 400 designs available in their shop). E2 T-shirts’ goal is to create designs that make people laugh, and ultimately brighten the day of people everywhere. With their multi-national background, it’s no wonder they’re also excited each time they rack-up sales in a new country. Because with designs this brilliant, two continents of customers simply isn’t enough.

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  2. Thank you Cafepress. Actually we now have 600 tshirt designs and we are about to make them 1000 soon. So watch this space. We can not stop designing, it is an addictive game…..


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