Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: Herman Cain, the Rapture and Too Cool for School

rapture t-shirtPolitics continues to trend high at CafePress. With Herman Cain announcing in 2012 Presidential candidacy, the Georgia Republican (and former head of Godfather’s Pizza) is generating new designs and sales. Ditto for Barack Obama, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich.

There’s also a lot of activity around the May 21 Rapture Day prediction by Harold Camping. He has now sharpened his pencil, redone the math, and revised the date of the rapture to October 21, 2011. Stay tuned.

With school bells ringing for their final time this year, graduation 2011 and class of 2011 themes are seeing a spike too. Not to mention teacher gifts, which are obviously popular this time of year.

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