Grand Rapids is Singing Itself Back to Life.

Grand Rapids t-shirtWhen Newsweek published “American’s Top 10 Dying Cities” article in January, Grand Rapids, Michigan clocked in at #10.

What did the city of Grand Rapids have to say about it?

Well, first off, they’re still alive and well. And here’s the proof – the citizens of this bustling metropolis made a video to prove they’re still not only breathing, but fiercely proud of being from their town, and want the world to know it. From local news anchors and the fire department and police, to members of football teams and the orchestra, the hundreds involved in the video lip sync to Don McLean’s “American Pie,” supplemented by guitars, parades, and yes, even fireworks. A week after its debut, the viral video already has almost two million views and the numbers are climbing rapidly.

Not going to lie, but seeing that much time and effort put into proving the death of a city wrong, I’ll go visit. They made it look pretty awesome.

CafePress partnered with Rob Bliss, the mastermind behind the video, to bring you the official Grand Rapids LipDub shop, where you can find witty Grand Rapids designs, and proceeds from the shop go towards Rob Bliss Events, which puts on free public events within the city of Grand Rapids for community engagement. I heard one such event involved a giant water slide in the downtown area. I propose a giant chocolate fountain and a statue made of strawberries to eat.

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  1. Good for GR! Flint is always at the top of the negative list and there are good reasons for it.
    But tell THAT to the “pioneers” revitalizing the downtown (cool restaurants, clubs, art galleries,cultural center, orchestra, independent theatre groups, etc. and universities – plus Historic Carriage Town (the birthplace of GM) which now THE place to be besides downtown lofts. Stop in Flint, too! I’ll buy you the best cup of coffee at The Good Beans Cafe! Like they say: “It takes a village!” Congrats, GR!

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