Shopkeeper Spotlight: Deep thinking from the DiveBunnie

divebunnie beach tote bagIf ever there was a CafePress shop that grew out of a deep passion, it would be Clare Wilders and her DiveBunnie world. Long a scuba diving aficionado and now living in Egypt, Claire longed to express her love for the water sport. Plus she hoped to encourage more women to get their feet wet in the male-dominated world of scuba.

Hence her female-friendly underwater world of the DiveBunnie surfaced – as well as her fun DiveBunnie shop. Clare specializes in fresh & funky designs, with candy-shaded colors leaning towards pink & turquoise. The ultimate example of her style is Clare’s signature mascot – the adorable DiveBunnie herself.

A former professional dancer who occasionally dabbled in art, Clare now devotes her full time to scuba instruction and running the DiveBunnie empire. It gives her the freedom to have a successful career while enjoying the fantastic ocean views (including, yes, views from the bottom of the ocean). The scenery includes the awe-inspiring turquoise ocean and peachy-pink mountains, which inspire her palate and bring awesome colors to her many t-shirt buying customers around the globe.

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