Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: English Cream Rising to the Top.

snoopy t-shirtAlthough the Royal Wedding is now gently simmering on the back burner, other British-inspired topics are heating up at CafePress. One red-hot riser is from Britain’s WWII war effort and America’s favorite comic characters, Peanuts. The Keep Calm and Carry On T-shirts and posters features Snoopy and the Gang are selling well. Ditto for TARDIS designs. It’s the fictional time machine in England’s Dr. Who television series, which looks suspiciously like a blue phone booth.

Of course on this side of the pond, dutiful sons and daughters are boiling over in excitement for Father’s Day. With just a few days left until the holiday, we expect a big rush on gifts in this area.  We’re certainly all shopping for Dads around here, anyway.

Take a peek at last week’s latest hot trends in our weekly Cultural Barometer report!


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