Employee Picks: For Gail, Every Picture Tells A Story.

antelope illustrationAs part of our spirited design department, Gail knows a thing or two about eye-catching graphics. Not to mention what it takes to create a well-rounded design that appeals to both the eye and the mind.

In short, nothing boring is going to make it on her radar. You can see this in the fun CafePress designs that have created a spark in her eye. In Gail’s own words:

“You have to love the fact that we live in an era where half naked men on horses, Rebecca Black and sparkling vampires are part of our daily culture. I’m a designer, meme follower, free speech believer and a behaviorism fangirl. Designing for Cafepress is all about communication. Telling your story, speaking your mind and letting the world know who you are and where you stand in your beliefs in a T-shirt, mug or bumper sticker. I love seeing products that drive discussion and proudly make a statement.”

More specifically:

Shepard Fairey designsReal Hope. Real Change Decal: Real Hope. Real Change. A great reference to pop culture and Shepard Fairey’s art, this bumper sticker is sure to give your cars bumper attention.
gay pride t-shirts

Born This Way 2-Sided T-Shirt: Born This Way is a great play on the bar code as an icon and the incredibly fast moving social changes going on in the country.

School buttons
Schoolgirl Mini Button: 22.88 million people would appreciate this button’s love of the smart and the goth.
bacon t-shirts

Carpe Bacon T-Shirt: Carpe Bacon. Meat lovers unite and seize the bacon!

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