Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: Granddads, Grand Rapids & Our Grand Old Flag.

grand rapids t-shirtNow that Father’s Day is (yikes!) just around the corner, gifts for Dad (oh, and Granddads) are seriously spiking. Looks like grateful children across the country are remembering and appreciating all the sacrifices Fathers have been making after all. Or maybe it’s just a guilt trip? Either way, the Father’s Day section is booming.

With the economy still limping along – and the auto industry especially hard hit – Grand Rapids has been in the news as Michigan adjusts to changing times. Designs usually go hand-in-hand with news, like Grand Rapids YouTube video that went viral two weeks ago, and we’re seeing a lot of action with people supporting the city.grandpa t-shirts

And let us not forget that yesterday was Flag Day. And American Flag designs are always popular this time of year. Especially as summer kicks in and parades and fireworks heat up as quickly as the temperatures. Pass the hot dogs and apple pie.

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