Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: Gay Pride and Political Maneuvering

love rainbow t-shirtWith Gay Pride festivities in full-force across the country, a rainbow of designs are bubbling to the top. And naturally, CafePress customers are purchasing them en mass. In fact, equal rights designs of all themes are popular as people prepare for summer and are looking for products that express what they’re most passionate about.

Speaking of passion, the 2012 Election is one hot tamale on the trending politics gravy train. With Newt Gingrich throwing his hat in the ring and the first of many Republic Party debates happening, people are looking to sway opinion. Vote early and often (with tees, of course).marines decal

A wave of patriotism also seems strong, especially for military-themed designs. With Independence Day just around the corner, look for more red, white & blue to go with the camouflage coloring.

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