Employee Picks: Christy Loves Reconstructing & Reconnecting.

As part of our ever-growing group who serve the major brands utilizing the services of CafePress (which includes corporations ranging from the teams behind Snoopy and Garfield to Someecards and Funny or Die), Christy is a people person. She’s also a T-shirt person. Which is what makes her such a perfect fit for the job here.

But as well as her knack for (and love of) finding the perfect T-shirts for a night on the town, listening to her favorite bands and meeting up with friends new and old, Christy loves reconstructing T-shirts. That is to say, she loves taking scissors and string (or whatever material strikes her fancy) and turning those T-shirts into a wearable work of art. She can shape them into her own unique form more suitable to her feminine frame, our puff them out for a casual look. In fact, no seam is safe when Christy gets that gleam in her eye.

Not surprisingly, she loves reconstructing T-shirts with designs from some of her clients. Here are a handful of them that she loves. Although, you might not recognize them when she’s done.

snoopy mugMusic is My Life Mug: Since music is one of my favorite things, I just love this Schroeder Mug from the SnoopyStore. Not only does is feature Schroeder doing what he does best, it has a cute saying on the side that just makes this mug all the more adorable! You can purchase this mug, or mugs like this one here.
nurse jackie t-shirtNurse Jackie Fitted Tee: What can I say – I am a huge Edie Falco fan! Ever since her days on the Sopranos, I have been following Edie as an actress, and Nurse Jackie quickly became one of my favorite shows on Showtime! If you don’t have Showtime, get the DVDs or watch the series on YouTube! Nurse Jackie is a dark comedy, and I love this dark fitted t-shirt from American Apparel! It fits a little snug, so I recommend ordering a size or two up since American Apparel runs small.
musing keepsake boxMusing Keepsake Box: Caia is one of my favorite artists! I love her artistic feminine styled work and this keepsake box is one of my favorites! It is great for jewelry or anything small you want to store and would look great in a bathroom, coffee table or dresser.
owl bagOwl Love You Tote Bag: Owl bet you’ll love this tote bag!  I love to have a cute tote bag with me! I keep this handy in my car for stops at the grocery store, a quick trip to the beach, or just to lug around all my stuff!! This super simple, yet cute design always gets a lot of compliments when I am out shopping!

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