Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: Fireworks in the Air and across the Airwaves

fourth of july t-shirtThe quickly-approaching July 4th celebration has people seeing red, white & blue. Independence Day designs and Americana themes are hotter than the bumper of a ’76 Buick cruising in a holiday parade. Hopefully the weather will be nice for people to get outdoors and enjoy their summer merchandise.

Also exploding on the scene are new Obama designs, pro and con, as the rhetoric picks up between Republicans and Democrats. Sales are starting to skyrocket as voters hope to spread the word on their unique assessment of the President’s performance to date – and chance for the 2012 election.

And because people need to relax and unwind with some less taxing matters, pop culture is a rising tide this early summer. The TV show Blue Mountain State is trending high, and designs are selling particularly well. Ditto for the daytime talk show The View, which continues to rack up significant sales.

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