New York State Passes Same-Sex Marriage Law

new york ipad caseLast Friday marked a milestone for gay rights in the United States, as New York State became the sixth state in the country to pass law legalizing same-sex marriage.

The Senate passed the bill 33-29 in a late-night Friday vote, which included four republicans voting in favor of the bill, and one democrat voting against it. Same-sex couples will be able to marry as early as late July, once the law goes into effect in approximately 30 days.

Passing of this bill was celebrated on both a local and a national level. As people took to the streets of New York in excitement, our shopkeepers, designers and advocates and supporters of the effort took to to create new New York gay-marriage designs and LGBT t-shirts to show their pride and enthusiasm.

On, sales of gay marriage-themed products more than doubled over the night of June 24th, the day the bill was passed. Many credit New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo in working to make same-sex marriage legal in New York, the sentiments of which many agreed with here on

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