Shopkeeper Spotlight: Baby, Baby, DO Get Hooked On Flaunt It Baby.

cute baby bodysuitGreat designs hook you instantly. Especially cute ones about babies (aww!), kids and motherhood. That’s why we love this CafePress shop so much.

Flaunt It Baby is a fun CafePress shop specializing in adorable designs for the young ones in your life (as well as designs for the expectant mother). The “brainchild” of designer Brindi Atkins, Flaunt It Baby was born when she was searching for special T-shirts for her daughters. It suddenly dawned on Brindi that she could make her own designs and find something that fit her wee one’s personalities perfectly. Plus, she could make some extra money, which never hurts with a young family.

While Brindi loves snowboarding, camping, hitting the beach, scrapbooking and other activities, with young children she realistically spends most of her day in their playful world. And that’s where fun ideas come to the surface on a regular basis. Brindi gets a lot of the inspiration for her ideas from just hanging around with the girls. In her own words, “I’ve always had a knack for design, but my daughters and their outgoing personalities help too!”

It’s also fun for Brinidi’s daughters to wear clothes with the designs they’ve created together. What keeps her motivated? “My daughters,” Brindi says. “They’ll always need clothes, and they can’t go walking around in lame designs – ha ha.”

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