A 4th of July Sweet Enough for Our Forefathers.

4th of july apronThe 4th of July is all about the Fs: family, food, and founding fathers.

School’s out, vacations are planned, and the 4th kicks off the official barbecue season of the summer. There’s just something about those blurry heat waves you see coming off of a hot grill that get me all giddy and melty on the inside like the top of a juicy cheeseburger. Or maybe it’s just the though of that juicy cheeseburger.

Hot dogs and cheeseburgers aside, the 4th of July has significant meaning to our country and its history– it was the day that our ancestors decided to go their own way in the world, away from the ruling monarchy of Great Britain of the time. And now, 235 years later, here we are. From Tea Parties past and present, to independence and opportunity, we’re celebrating the only way a proud country knows how – with great family and friends, great food, and the most important F of the day to acknowledge: freedom. So toast to Ben Franklin, Washington, Jefferson and all our founding fathers today with a tip of the old hat, a hot dog in hand, and enjoy your Fourth festivities.

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