CafePress Employee Picks: Bobby’s Random Picks on a Random Universe.

bobby tribbleHelping to manage which designs appear (and don’t appear) on the CafePress site, Bobby has seen it all. And we mean, it ALL. He gets to scrutinize first hand what content people across the globe are adding to their shops and to the CafePress Marketplace. Naturally, he comes across designs for every taste (including the tasteless).

This unique view of an often-obscure world has obviously biased Bobby’s outlook, as he leans towards the more random and thought-provoking designs. In short, the ones which cause you to stop, scratch your head, and think, “huh?”. And there’s not shortage of these designs among our millions of designs.

“Some are cool looking, some are cute, and others are just outright confusing,” notes Bobby. “I think they’re all fun, though. I do get drawn to the more obscure type of things … as these designs may show.”

We second his opinion and choice of designs, and applaud the randomness of this great big beautiful world around us.

bai ling magnetBai Ling Magnet: I’m not sure what this says, and didn’t get the chance to ask her. Yes, I actually spoke with THE Bai Ling when she was setting up her shop! Alas, I didn’t get the chance to ask her about her appearance in Lost (or what Jack’s tattoo means).

“Earl’s Gym” Gym Bag: What better inspiration for your trip to the gym than this anatomically impossible muscleman! Check out some of the other designs from this shop. They’re, uh… interesting!gym bag

laser disc t-shirtLaser Disc Fitted T-Shirt: If you know what CAV and CLV mean, then this shirt is for YOU! I am in fact the proud owner of the 6 disc Aliens SE. It’s great, with only a few slight delays as I flip and exchange discs (each side only holds 30 minutes after all).

tooth t-shirtDental Cuteness T-Shirt: Soda is bad for your teeth. If you don’t brush, your teeth may be forced to take matters into their own tooth-hands and use an umbrella. You don’t want that.

  1. In college I wrote my term paper with Kate Bush’s The Whole Story playing endlessly on my LVD for fourteen hours. To quote Joe Dorsey in Brainstorm, “I’m more than I was, Mike.”

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