New Product Alert – Getting Some Good Zzzzz in Pajamas.

edward cullen pajamasEverybody loves doing this in the bedroom. A lot.

No, not that. The other thing.

Sleeping! And what better way to make your night as restful (and stylish) as you can than with one of our newest custom products: Pajamas.

Available in women’s, men’s and kids styles, our pajamas come in a variety of fun colors. Whether you enjoy the black t-shirt, black flannel pant combo, or a white tee, pink flannel pants mix-up, we highly recommend picking your favorite design and then snuggling under the covers wearing said design for a good night’s sleep. (We heard you might even count a few less sheep with them on, too.) And at $34.50, you’ll have a soft pair of pajamas that also go soft on your wallet.

So go don your custom pj’s, jump on the mattress, and jump on the sleep-train. It’s pulling into your station. (Yawn.)

  1. I don’t understand why we cannot custom make our pajamas. Then you have samples to purchase & when you do it tells you that you cannot purchase it because that page doesn’t exist. What gives??

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