Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: Red, White & Blue State Activity.

CafePress, T-shirts, gifts, Obama, patriotismAmerica themes continue to trend high as the summer days are longer and distance to the BBQ and swimming pool gets closer and closer. From Independence Day designs to patriotism, the colors of our flag are hot, hot, hot. Red hot, in fact.

But not to be out done, 2012 election themes are ramping up for the upcoming debates. Everyone wants to speak their peace on the best candidate and show what issues are important.

After the long cold winter, it appears that lots of little sisters and little brothers seem to be joining the world. This is pretty obvious from the number of big brother and big sister products that are selling. Lots of new designs in this area too. Must be a lot of proud parents out there?

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  1. Help! I picked out the template for my store but I don’t know what to do next. How do I add products? I thought the video instructed us to create a logo, so I uploaded a picture to use, now when I see my store, there are no links telling me what to do next.

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