Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: Pasta on the Radar & Drive-Thru on the 405.

Flying Spaghetti Monster stickerCafePress shoppers seem to be in a positively giddy mood these days, as the pastafarian themed products are trending high. And who can blame them, when the Flying Spaghetti Monster is at the center of it all. Our favorite carbohydrate creature is at it again, making a cultural splash on the scene, and this time, he’s got more designs up his…noodly…sleeve. Did he grace your shopping cart with his presence the first time around, or did you decide to become a pastafarian member recently? Featuring fun designs with the combination of pasta, Rastafarian hair-dos and aliens from outer space, the Flying Spaghetti Monster products are sure to earn you a chuckle for more years to come.

Speaking of a laugher, it turns out the dreaded Carmageddon in LA fizzled. With a section of Interstate 405 closed for the weekend, fears of gridlock kept people at home. Hence, traffic was smooth. But that didn’t stop people from designing and buying lots of fun products to celebrate the “non-event.”

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  1. OMG that flying spaghetti monster is the bomb! I want one of them. Actually I want one to come in and swoop down while I am having spaghetti and land on the table.

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