New Product: Dry-Fit for the Heat Wave.

dry-fit t-shirtThe heat is on this summer, as I’m sure many of you in the Midwest and on the East Coast are experiencing to a tee right now. Personally, if I were experiencing that heat right now, I’d be hogging the air conditioning between bouts of sticking my face in the freezer.  I was never that good at sharing…and heat only supports that quality in me.

Well, we can’t change the heat wave for you, but we have an alternative – enter CafePress’s new Performance Dry T-Shirts. Made for sports and fitness performance, these wouldn’t be such a bad idea for a hot, sweaty day either, with their ability to wick moisture away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable while you’re busy being active. Voila! Almost as easy as running a marathon. (tee hee…)

Whether you’re a runner who cringes at the idea of cotton, a cross-fit aficionado, or have plans for a killer camping trip, don a dry-fit t-shirt in both men’s and women’s styles and a variety of colors that conveys just who you are and what you love. Because, after all, what’s better than showing off your passions on your sleeves – especially while you’re right in the thick of enjoying them.

  1. It says that the performance shirts come in a variety of colors but I only see white and pink. When will more colors be available?

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