Cultural Barometer Hotlist: Talking Dogs, Evil Penguins and a Weak T-Rex.

talking dog t-shirtSurf’s up, critters. Animals are riding high on our Cultural Barometer wave of popular products this week.

We know how much dogs love food, but they rarely talk about it. But one poor dog speaks his mind as his owner taunts him with delicious food in the ultimate talking dog video. And almost overnight, a canine star was born – and now he could even wear one of his own talking dog t-shirts…or if he feels like sharing, get one for his owner. As long as he shares the maple bacon.

Normally penguins are cute and cuddly, but don’t piss them off…like the bad penguin, which topped our seller charts this week. He’s got a gripe about something – don’t let it be you. And he’s not the only evil penguin on CafePress – he has company in the form of a penguin demotivational poster.

Assuming Darwin was correct about survival of the fittest – this trending T-Rex t-shirt may explain why the deadly dino is now extinct. After all, if you can’t pass the pushups portion of your physical fitness test, you may be out of luck.

  1. You have so much talent for what you’re doing! I LOVE this dog! I follow you on YouTube and you are amazing! (We actually say to each other, “The maple kind?” LOL)! You need the kitty insisting on the blue rug, next. :)

  2. Let’s try thinking outside the box. design the t’s with the Saluki dog that is more of a complete design not just a pic in the center of the front. You have a full t-shirt to work with, with sleeves, to design on. Go Saluki.

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