Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: Politically Delicious Products

Ron Paul posterWhile east coast earthquakes and high-profile reality TV weddings may be a blip on the brains of some, the 2012 election season is certainly coming to a head – well, many heads – in the form of potential candidates planning their campaigns to run against President Obama. And CafePress users are following and creating the trends.

Take Rick Perry, the Texas governor who made his intentions of presidential proportions official this month – and soon after his announcement, Rick Perry gifts were as popular and plentiful as his state’s beloved longhorn.

And also making a splash on Cultural Barometer scene: enter Ron Paul. No stranger to the Republican race to the White House, the House representative has a strong following with Ron Paul Revolution gifts after formally announcing his candidacy back in May of this year.

Politics is already heating up for 2012 – and its only August. I wonder if all those politicians wearing suits in the summer heat has anything to do with it…

  1. He’s a distinguished public servant who reads and understands bills ten inches thick; why is it that in person Ron Paul doesn’t seem to be able to hold three sentences together into a syllogism? He tends to fade off partway through sentences as if unable to complete his own thoughts. This is a man whose gift for rhetoric once made him a golden voice among the multitude; now Ron Paul honks like a tin horn? Something is wrong — medically wrong.

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