New Feature: Split the Cost of CafePress Products

Well, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Again. The rock being the Talking Dog pajamas you really really want to get mom for her birthday, and the hard place being that you don’t know if you can order them.

And this is where CafePress swoops in, with the help of your family and friends.

We have a new, unique feature called Split the Cost – which may sound self-explanatory – but it’s a lot more fun than you think! For any product that costs more than $35.00 on our site, you’ll see this little gift icon on the page:

 split the cost feature

Once you click on it, another page will pop up for you to fill out the details of why having these pajamas are dire to your existence:

  split the cost feature

Simply reach out to friends or family via e-mail (Gmail and Yahoo) or Facebook, asking them to help contribute. You can invite as many people as you’d like and split the cost evenly between everyone included, or suggest specific amounts. On the bottom of the window, feel free to include the name of the recipient, select an occasion and enter a personal message to everyone sharing the gift. And once everyone you invite contributes, you’ll receive a gift code to redeem for your “purchase!”

This feature is perfect for sharing costs with your siblings for mom and dad’s anniversary, getting your friend an awesome custom iPad case for their birthday, or getting the hubby a funny sweatshirt from the kids “just because.”

With your awesome new pajamas on, you can thank each of your friends who helped you get warm and comfy during the cold nights that will ensue. A sleepover party may be in order. Then everyone will have to get their own PJs.

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