Elections 2012: Our Poll Says its All About Paul.

There was much to discuss on Monday night, as eight Republican presidential candidates took to their microphones to speak up on controversial issues such as “Obamacare,” and social security in the first Tea Party debate in Tampa, FL. Candidates included Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and businessman Herman Cain, who offered their opinions on their platforms and jabs at other candidates. The main target of the night turned out to be Rick Perry; the Texas governor was asked about his views on social security and offering college tuition cuts to illegal immigrants but defended himself and his views to his opponents.

So here at CafePress, we took to our own Cultural Barometer poll – and we asked our Facebook fans whom they thought was the strongest contender from the Tea Party debate, and the result was obvious:

republican candidates poll

Our followers are feeling the Ron Paul revolution, as Mr. Paul received approximately 52% of the votes.

Similarly, we took a look at sales of CafePress products by candidate, and again, Ron Paul came out victorious this week with 51% of the participating Republican candidates sales to date:

republican presidential candidates

What do you think of the latest debate? Are you Team Ron Paul, or see another candidate as the strongest and best leader for our country? Tell us your thoughts.

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  2. Ron who? I don’t see Ron Paul having any sliver of a hope (in my opinion, of course) because he’s both too wacky, and also way too weak on national and domestic security. Herman Cain is the man to beat right now, and the ONLY candidate who is trustworthy. All of the media attacks on his character are fabricated, and the polls show that the voters are not dumb enough to fall for age-old pathetic media warfare and unethical and slanderous attacks against a great man’s character. HERMANATOR! http://cafepress.com/hermanator_2012

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