Flip MinoHD Camera Sweepstakes Results!

We ran a fun Sweepstakes for two weeks on our Facebook page that ended on Monday.  We were giving away FREE Flip Mino HD Cameras – 6 to be exact – to each winner. One Flip Mino to keep, and 5 to give away to friends and family. We have our winners! And after thousands of entries, the drumroll…

Congratulations to Susan Macdonald and Ashley Alward who were our lucky winners of 6 Flip Mino HD cameras each.

If you weren’t one of our winners, don’t fret just yet – because you should stay on the lookout for more exciting sweepstakes and contests like these on our Facebook page very soon – not to mention very special, exclusive offers we’ll be posting as well. To stay up to date on all the fun and games to come, Like us on Facebook and stay tuned for more!

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